Is Your Dachshund Constipated?

December 20, 2006 on 3:00 am | In Dachshund Articles |

Dachshund constipation is defined as a dog who has repeated difficulties passing a stool or is completely unable to defecate. Constipation is caused by a low fiber or high-meat diet, by the intake of objects that cannot be digested such as bone particles, thread, paper clips, and wood, or by weak abdominal muscles resulting from old age and trauma.

Mild constipation may be relieved by adding an over-the-counter laxative such as Metamucil to your Dachshund’s food. To add moisture to the stool, you can also try spooning some mineral oil into your dog’s food. Use one teaspoon per ten pounds of body weight twice daily. Mineral oil will act as a mild laxative, but it can also inhibit the absorption of important nutrients, so don’t use it for more than three days.

Also, be sure to put the oil in the food. Don’t put it directly in your Dachshund’s mouth because he may inhale it and get it into his lungs, which could result in pneumonia or other respiratory distress.

If the constipation is severe, take your dog to the veterinarian. The doctor may recommend or administer an enema, or may even have to anesthetize your dog and then instigate the final states of digestion from within your dog’s intestinal tract.

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