You will find that most Dachshund breeders will create a website in order to advertise their litters, and to inform visitors about the type of business they run. A website offers you an excellent opportunity to learn about breeders and their dogs. It will provide you with a first hand glimpse at what a breeder can offer you.

However, just because Dachshund breeders have a website doesn’t mean that they are reputable and should be trusted unconditionally. Having a web presence doesn’t make one breeder better than another. The reason is because the sole purpose of a webpage is to advertise. That being said, when looking at a website, your goal is to judge a webpage based on its content and visual appearance, not simply by its presence.

The following are some of the components you should look for on websites created by Dachshund breeders:

Pictures – Pictures are an important part of any webpage developed by Dachshund breeders. Look for pictures of:

  • The Sire and Dam of the litter
  • The litter
  • Previous litters
  • The breeder with the dogs
  • The environment where the pups are raised.

Aside from pictures, also look for multimedia files (sound and video). This will give you an idea of what the puppies and adults look like in action.

Information about the litter – Dachshund breeders should provide necessary information about the litter that a potential owner would want to know. This includes:

  • How many pups are in the litter
  • Information about the sire and dam of the litter
  • The health care the puppies have received
  • The number of puppies that are available
  • How old the puppies are
  • Etc.

Information about Dachshunds – All legitimate Dachshund breeders should know everything there is to know about this breed. Thus, they should be able to provide you with a chance to research the dog to see if a Dachshund is suitable to your lifestyle, by giving you valuable information based on actual fact and their personal experience with the breed. This includes not only explaining all the good things associated with Dachshunds, but also the not so pleasant characteristics of the dog. Essentially, a good breeder should make it clear to you that their goal is to protect the wellbeing of their pups, while still having your best interests at heart.

About us – If you’ve made the decision to purchase a puppy, you will want to know all about the Dachshund breeders that interest you. Therefore check out the “About us” section which should give you a good idea of a breeder’s reputation and credentials. For instance, information you are looking for includes:

  • How long they have been a Dachshund breeder
  • Why they love and choose to breed this particular dog
  • What their standards, morals and goals are as a breeder
  • What they look for and expect of an owner
  • Where their dogs are registered
  • What steps they take to preserve the health and wellness of the breed
  • Etc.

Contact Information – All Dachshund breeders that own webpages should have contact information you can utilize to get in touch with them, so you can set up a fact-to-face appointment and meeting with the pups. Contact information should include:

  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Name
  • Etc.

Questionnaire – Many Dachshund breeders create a questionnaire they would like interested buyers to fill out. The point of the questionnaire is to allow breeders the chance to get to know your experience and personal interest in relation to owning a Dachshund. If there is a questionnaire, before you fill it out, make sure the information you will be providing will not be released to third parties. If you don’t feel comfortable filling out a personal questionnaire online, contact the breeder directly.

The more information Dachshund breeders provide you on their websites, the better. Of course, even though a website isn’t the only thing that should sell you on a breeder, it doesn’t hurt to visit sites to get a good first impression. Just remember, the real first impression that should count above all others is the one you receive when you visit the breeder and the pups for the first time.