The most distinctive feature of Dachshund dogs is their long body. Unfortunately, their most distinctive feature can also happen to be one of their more painful features. Why? Dachshunds are prone to many back and spinal health problems because they have short legs and long bodies. This is a bad combination as a Dachshund can easily injure his back by jumping up, or climbing deep steps.

It is often recommended to Dachshund owners to carry their dog up stairs and over curbs, and to pick them up to place them on couches, beds, or inside cars, instead of allowing the dog to strain himself unnecessarily. Since it can prove to be a hassle to carry your dog everywhere, you can make life a little easier on yourself and your Dachshund dogs by investing in dog ramps.

A dog ramp can dramatically reduce the amount of stress your Dachshund puts on his back. Think about it, all dogs enjoy getting on and off things several times a day. Now you can give your Dachshund the freedom to do so without your aid. Simply attach the right sized ramp to the side of the bed, couch, car etc. and your dog can walk up and down whenever he wants.

Although a dog ramp may sound like a good idea for Dachshund dogs, remember that not all dogs will automatically use the ramps immediately. Your dog may be wary of the ramp at first. If this is the case, take the time to properly introduce your dog to the ramp(s). A good idea is to lay the ramp on the floor and encourage your dog to walk on the ramp. Once he successfully walks across the ramp, praise him and provide him with a treat.

After your dog walks across the ramp on the floor a few times, raise the ramp and guide him up it by holding on to his collar. Once he reaches the top, praise him and give him a treat. Your goal is to have your Dachshund dogs associate the ramp with something good. This will not only get him to use the ramp, but enjoy it as well.

A dog ramp is extremely practical and useful, and your Dachshund dogs can greatly benefit from them. If you would like to investigate ramps further, the best place to look for dog ramps is at specialty pet stores.