Dachshund puppies are very cute, and you’ll really look forward to picking one out to bring home with you. However, did you know that there is more to picking out a Dachshund puppy then simply picking the cutest one of the bunch? The level of cuteness does not determine the health of the dog or its worth when measured against the Dachshund breed standard.

Although cuteness may be a factor during selection, you need to know what else to look for if you want a purebred dog.

For instance, Dachshunds are characterized by their unique elongated appearance. Their narrow, compact bodies are low to the ground and have given them many nicknames such as “sausage dogs” and “wiener dogs”. When looking at the Dachshund puppies bodies, you need to look past this distinctive characteristic and focus on other aspects of the dog such as his skin. For instance, does the skin appear flexible without having excess wrinkles?

Moreover, no part of a Dachshund’s body should sag. Loose skin should not hang between the shoulders. The shoulders are long and broad and connect the long muscular neck to the long muscular trunk. The trunk of Dachshund puppies should be quite straight. The loins should be well arched, and the pelvis and backend strong.

The Dachshund has a relatively straight tail that has a slight curve. The tail perfectly follows the line of the spine and has no kinks, twists or knots in it. Dachshunds should not carry their tails high or low. They should provide the dog with a balanced appearance.

Aside from the body, you will want to make sure that the legs of the Dachshund puppies you are looking at are short and relatively straight. Neither the front nor back legs should turn in or out. The back legs have most of the power, and are positioned well apart.

The Dachshund has full, broad feet that stand close together. The feet of Dachshund puppies are usually straight, but it is not uncommon for some dogs to have feet that turn slightly out. The hind feet are smaller in size and narrower than the front feet. The pads under the paws should be firm and thick, and the nails are usually black, but may be a lighter color depending on the coat color of the Dachshund.

Observe the Dachshund puppies when they walk. How do they appear? Do they seem to be favoring any paws or are they equally walking on all fours as they should be? Dachshunds should not have awkward movements as they are known for their bold and confident gait. They walk proudly and carry their heads high. If you don’t find that the pups in the liter display this trait, this is nothing to concern yourself over. Don’t forget, puppies are like children. They may have awkward movements while they grow and play. To get a good idea of how they will appear when they are older, look at the sire and/or dam.

If the bodies of the Dachshunds pups are in working order, you will next want to turn your attention to the dog’s head. You will notice that the head nicely complements the dog’s body and evenly tapers to the tip of their black nose. The nose is large and the nostrils are wide which is why the Dachshund has such a keen sense of smell.

Dachshund puppies have medium sized, almond shaped, dark eyes. The eyes are complimented with dark rims, and they convey an intelligent and lively, yet pleasant expression. Looking past the eyes you will find that their ears are a modest length and hang close to the head. They are rounded at the tips and are positioned near the top of the head.

Dachshunds have a long narrow muzzle. The muzzle is complimented with strong jaws that have the ability to open wide. Just as the jaws are powerful, so are their teeth that should form a perfect scissor bite. These features are what made the Dachshund such a fierce badger hunter.

Finally, last, but certainly not least, you will find that Dachshund puppies come in three different coat verities:

  1. Smooth-haired (short haired) – The coat is dense, short and very smooth to the touch. That being said the hair underneath the tail is quite coarse. The skin should appear flexible, but is well fitted and should not sag anywhere on the body.
  2. Long haired – Dachshund puppies with long hair have a soft coat that is either straight or slightly wavy, and lies close to the body. The coat is longest under the neck, behind the legs, and on the under parts of the body. The outside of the ears are well feathered.
  3. Wire-haired – This hair is short, straight and coarse, and has a dense undercoat. That being said, the wire coat does not cover the jaws, chin, eyebrows or ears. The chin has a noticeable beard, the eyebrows are bushy, and the hairs on the ears are not smooth. In addition, the legs and feet are covered with a layer of the harsh coat.

Despite what coat you may be interested in, Dachshund puppies also come in different coat colors. Any of the hound colors are permissible for a Dachshund, including spots. However, white is not common nor is it a preferred color. If there is white in the coat, it will usually only be a small patch located on the chest. As was previously mentioned, Dachshunds generally have black noses and nails, but a brown nose and nails are permissible if the Dachshund puppies have chocolate/spotted or chocolate/tan coats.