If you have made the decision to adopt a Dachshund from a shelter or Dachshund rescue, before you contact and run out to select your new dog, there are a few things you should consider first.

  • Research all the different shelters and Dachshund rescue places within a 3-hour radius, and make a list.
  • Ask dog owners, animal trainers, Vets or dog owners whom you know who’ve adopted from shelters for recommendations.
  • Call the Dachshund rescue or shelters you find to learn about their policies and regulations. Find out adoption fees, and what is required of you to adopt. Don’t bother adopting Dachshund dogs from rescues or shelters that:
    • Will not allow you to spend time with the dog outside of the shelter prior to the finalization of the adoption.
    • Don’t have a return policy.
    • Do not euthanize dogs that are vicious, or extremely sick. These dogs are inappropriate choices for adoption.

Once you have made your decision of which shelter or Dachshund rescue you would like to seriously consider, the following is what you should keep in mind during your visit:

  1. The shelter or rescue will ask you questions, and provide you with a questionnaire, so be prepared to answer them, and make sure you answer them honestly. That being said, the questionnaire should not be too invasive or the guidelines extreme.
  2. Carefully observe the volunteer staff of the Dachshund rescue or the staff and employees of the shelter. Do these individuals appear responsive to the dogs? Do the dogs appear to like them? Are they willing to answer questions? Are they friendly?
  3. As you meet the different dogs in the rescue or shelter, look for the dog that attracts your attention, and stay away from those who are growling, snarling or appear aggressive.
  4. Once you find a dog you like, offer the Dachshund the palm of your hand in order to determine his friendliness. Make sure you keep your fingers close together so if the dog is aggressive, he has less chance of snapping at a finger. The hand test will give you a first impression of the dog’s temperament.
  5. Ask to have one-on-one time with the dog at the Dachshund rescue or shelter that you like.
  6. Once you are alone with the dog, sit quietly and don’t pay attention to the dog. If the dog gently nudges you to get you attention, this is a good sign.
  7. When you pet the dog, he should respond by moving closer to you. If you are successful, proceed to pet the dog all over.
  8. Ask if you can feed the dog. When you feed him, carefully reach out and pet him to discover his response. A positive response is when the dog chooses to engage your attention over eating, or continued eating with a wagging tail.
  9. Play with the dog. Ask for the Dachshund rescue or shelter to provide you with a toy so you can engage in play. If the dog responds to your playing with aggressive behavior, this is a cause for concern, and you should consider another dog. The dog should not be aggressive when playing, and should be able to calm down within a few minutes of stopping playtime.
  10. Ask to go out for a walk with the dog. Observe the dog’s reactions to people on the walk. Is he shy, aggressive, or friendly towards strangers?
  11. Observe the dog you are interested in from afar as he interacts with other visitors, especially those with children.
  12. After you have decided on the dog you would like, arrange another visit and bring your family with you, so they can meet and interact with the dog.

These are important steps you need to follow when adopting a dog from a Dachshund rescue or shelter. The last thing you want is to adopt a dog, only to find out it is not suitable for your family or lifestyle, and have to return it. This is not fair to you, and certainly not fair to the dog.